Supercell over Laramie
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WACNet Station

Wyoming Agricultural Climate Network
Network of climate stations providing variables such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc.
AHPS Precipitation

AHPS Wyoming Precipitation

Precipitation amounts from the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
NWS and CoCoRaHS Precipitation Retrievals

Map-based retrieval of NWS and CoCoRaHS climate data
Precipitation and temperature data from stations throughout Wyoming
Climate Division Precipitation Charts and Data

Climate Division Precipitation Charts and Data
Monthly accumulations of precipitation based on divisional climate data for the U.S.
CoCoRaHS Map for Wyoming

CoCoRaHS Page

Wyoming Volunteers will receive a free 4" diameter rain gauge and a login account to enter their observations.
PRISM Data Retrieval

PRISM Climate Maps

Map server allowing retrieval of monthly & annual data for temperature and freeze/frost information
Wyoming Water and Climate Atlas

Water & Climate Atlas

Users can view water & climate resources in specific geographic regions & retrieve data from that area
Probable Maximum Precipitation Study

Probable Maximum Precipitation
Data derived for the Wyoming Water Development Probable Maximum Precipitation Study
Change in Precipitation Normals

Change in Normal Precipitation
(1961-1990 vs 1971-2000)

Table & maps of Monthly Precipitation changes at Wyoming NWS COOP Stations from 1961-1990 to 1971-2000
1971-2000 Normal Precipitation

Average Precipitation
(1971-2000 Normals)

Table & graphs of Monthly Average Precipitation at Wyoming NWS COOP Stations
Water Year Precipitation

Water Year Precipitation

Table & graphs of Precipitation Data by month and year at Wyoming NWS COOP Stations (2003-2011)
Snow Precipitation Update

Snow Precipitation Update

Daily NRCS reports on individual SNOTEl Site current and average snowpack values
Historical Snow Precipitation Updates

Historical Snow Precipitation Updates (1997-present)
Daily NRCS reports on individual SNOTEl Site current and average snowpack values (Archived)
SnoTel Meltout Dates

Storymap of SnoTel Sites showing historical meltout
Story Map containing links and information on current and historical Wyoming Snowpack Melt-Out Timing