Wyoming Earthquake Program

3D Interactive Images: Landscapes and Landslides

3D Image from the Mount Moran Quadrangle

The 3D images are created by superimposing landslides onto digital orthophotoquads (DOQQs), and digitally overlaying the orthophotos over digital elevation models (DEMs). The DOQQs and DEMs used for these products were produced by the United States Geological Survey. The Department of Geography and Recreation at the University of Wyoming developed programs to allow the 3D images to be draped quite easily.

The Wyoming Earthquake Program at the Wyoming State Geological Survey is working with the Water Resources Data System to generate 3D images with superimposed landslides for the entire state of Wyoming. To date, over 200 images have been created in Teton County.

The images allow the user to "fly" through the landscape. It is necessary for the user to download viewing software, such as Cortona, in order to view these images. A link to Cortona is provided on the next page.

The images are presented in high and low resolutions. The high resolution are approximately 2.3mb apiece, and the low resolution are about 550kb.

Click here to access index page of High Resolution 3D images

Click here to access index page of Low Resolution 3D images

Click here to access index map of 2D landslide images and coverages

These pages have been created through a cooperative effort between the Wyoming State Geological Survey and the Wyoming Water Resources Data System. Please direct any questions or comments to Jim Case or Tony Bergantino.