Wind-blown Snow as a Water Resource

Research Project History
The stuff in these pages comes mostly from three of us who have spent over thirty winters together--poking around in blizzards. We throw in these history pages to brag a little, as gray-beards like to do. But we also want you to know how we go about learning some of this stuff--maybe give you a little confidence that we really know what we're bragging about. We get help from some fine people around the world, literally, from Point Barrow, Alaska, to South Pole Station, from Japan to the Swiss Alps. We'll mention a few.

One of our early frustrations was trying to find all the good work that others did before we started. Part of what motivates us now is the hope we can give new blizzard wizards a better start. The list of references is long. We planned these pages to keep the first layers uncluttered by literature citations (hard for scientists to do). As you dig deeper into the nitty-grit, you'll find links to the original papers. If you need copies, Snowman will help.

This history is divided into sections on the people and the methods. Some of each category are--well, just a little different.

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